A sincere thank you from Sri Dharma


Maha Sadhana or The Great Practice is a series of DVD’s by Sri Dharma Mittra.

Maha Sadhana Level I and II trailer


New Maha Sadhana (available online)

Dharma Yoga Maha Sadhana new DVD. You can practice with Sri Dharma in the comfort of your home.

Kirtan at Dharma Yoga Center  New York.

Manifestation of GOD talk with Sri Dharma Mittra and Maha Sadhana practice at Dharma Yoga Center  New York.


Charging practice with Sri Dharma Mittra


70 years of Sri Dharma Mittra

Psychic Development session at world happiness summit

Sri Dharma Mittra talks about the Ethical Rules of Yoga


Great video featuring Sri Dharma Mittra for OHMME apparel