Dmitri’s yoga journey began as a means to counteract the stress of working very long hours in a demanding job. Initially falling in love with the physical and mental health benefits of yoga, Dmitri later discovered a fondness for the vast philosophical teachings underpinning modern day yoga and a desire to contribute to the incredible community of practitioners that yoga brings together. This led him to train in Dharma Yoga and Rocket Vinyasa, the two styles he is most dedicated to in his personal practice. Dmitri’s teaching is rooted in the traditional Hatha-Raja yoga based on Patanjali’s Eight Limbs and his continued interest in a number of other movement-based disciplines and human body mechanics. Expect a fun and dynamic asana practice aimed at strengthening, healing and detoxifying the body, with a focus on helping practitioners achieve stillness of the mind. Dmitri is forever grateful to his teachers Amme Poulton, David Kyle, Dharma Mittra, Emi Tull, Imi Wiseman and Marcus Veda among numerous others.
For schedule of classes IG: @dvolodko