Ellie was first introduced to yoga whilst travelling in India in 1996 during which time she developed a deep self- practice and love of yoga. In 2006 she officially began to teach yoga which for her was a natural progression from her extensive background in alternative therapies and sports therapy.

Ellie is passionate about sharing the knowledge she accumulated over the past 20years of study, practice and teaching and her teaching style reflects her knowledge of anatomy and the physical body as well as the spiritual aspects of yoga.

Ellie first practiced and studied Dharma Yoga with Sri Dharma Mittra in 2006 and this was the turning point in her life and yoga practice.

After training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, Ellie then took her studies further and undertook an advanced 500hr Dharma Yoga training under the guidance of her Guru Sri Dharma at his New York studio.

Ellie continues to visit her guru in New York when she can and in London she practices regularly with her mentor Mark Kan.

She believes that yoga is a constant journey of learning; Ellie has teaching qualifications in Rocket yoga, Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga as well as a 500hr advanced teaching qualification in Dharma yoga, she is also trained in sports therapy.

Ellie’s life is practice and practice is her life and it is her sincere wish to spread the teachings both physically and spiritually that she has attained over the years to help improve the lives of others.

In all of her classes Ellie encourages all her students to relinquish any expectations of what yoga practice should or shouldn’t be and to simply be at one with your breath and with your body, allowing the yoga to flow through you making your practice into the perfect moving meditation.



10am Beginners @ Echoless Valley West Wickham
5.45pm Intermediate @ Echoless Valley West Wickham
7.30pm Beginners @ Echoless Valley West Wickham


9.30am @ the Shala, West Norwood


10am Mixed Level @ Echoless Valley West Wickham


6.45pm intermediate @ the Shala, West Norwood


3pm mixed level @ Echoless Valley West Wickham


9.30am Beginners @ the Shala, West Norwood
10.30am intermediate @ the Shala, West Norwood



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