Pamela Jahn is a certified Dharma Yoga teacher based in London with a background in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. 

Pam initially came to yoga as a way of healing and soon started to feel its limitless powers and wisdom. Since then, she experienced and studied a number of different yoga practices before completing her first Yagasana teacher training in London. 

Her love for Dharma Yoga and quest in finding deeper meaning in the spiritual way of life lead her to undertake the advanced Dharma Yoga training under the guidance of her Guru Sri Dharma Mittra. While she continues her training with Sri Dharma in an ongoing attempt to expand her spiritual knowledge, she also practices regularly with her wonderful mentor Emi Tull in London.

Pam teaches beginners to advanced students with a strong emphasis on building strength and flexibility and finding balance, equanimity and evenness of mind – on and off the mat. 

She is eternally grateful to all her teachers in guiding her on her way to find her inner true self and hopes to inspire students to keep practicing so that they can reach their fullest potential and to keep spreading kindness, love and compassion everywhere.

Classes & Contact

Pam currently offers group and private 1:1 Dharma Yoga classes in person and via Zoom. Please contact her on to receive more information. Her current in person class schedule can also be found here.