Dharma Yoga Wheel

Dharma Yoga Classic Wheel

Sri Dharma Mittra created the Dharma Yoga Wheel in 1977 as a tool to assist practitioners in deepening their yoga practice and accessing poses more effectively. The idea stemmed from his exploration of yoga postures and his desire to share methods for enhancing flexibility, alignment, and strength.

Sri Dharma Mittra’s extensive knowledge of yoga, combined with his innovative spirit, led him to experiment with various props and modifications to traditional yoga poses. Through this experimentation, he conceptualized the Dharma Yoga Wheel as a versatile and effective tool for yoga practitioners of all levels.

The wheel’s design and functionality evolved through iterative processes, involving testing and feedback from students and fellow yoga instructors. Over time, the Dharma Yoga Wheel became recognized within the yoga community as a valuable aid for improving flexibility, balance, and alignment in yoga practice.

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Today, the Dharma Yoga Wheel continues to be embraced by yogis worldwide as a beneficial prop that complements traditional yoga practice, offering support and assistance in opening the heart and achieving more advanced poses.

Order your wheel from the Dharma Yoga Center or check Indaba Yoga Studio for stock.

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At least one Dharma Yoga wheel is available in Emi‘s classes for you to try.

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