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About Gabriele

Gabriele was born in Italy and moved to England in 1998 to study. He loved London and decided to make it his home. In 2007 he moved to Australia temporarily and it was there he first encountered the benefits of practicing Yoga. In 2014 he started practicing with Emi Tull and fell in love with Dharma Yoga. he dedicated more time to yoga and made the decision to share his knowledge with others. The physically challenging asana was what attracted him at first, however it was the practice of compassion that really changed his life and his perception. In 2016 he decided to attend the 200 hours Life of a Yoga Teacher Training at the Dharma Yoga Centre in New York City with Sri Dharma Mitra. Since then he has been sharing the practice in various locations across Central London along with offering one to one lessons. Since then Gabriele has also explored and qualified in other lineages like Rocket Yoga and Hata Raja Vinyasa Krama advanced teacher training.

Gabriele is forever grateful to his teachers that help the on going journey towards “Self realisation”. Sri Dharma Mittra, Emi Tull and Ambra Vallo have been fundamental to his development and practice.

For more information on classes visit my Instagram page @gabesu

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