Pedro Arnon

About Pedro

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Pedro, I’m from Brazil and I live in London.

I started practicing Dharma Yoga in Mexico City with Adriana and Marius, then I moved myself to London and kept practicing with Emi Tull. Just after a year of preparation with these incredible teachers, I managed to start to practice with Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC. I was already in love with the practice and being by the feet of the guru it was really transformative the impact of his presence in my life. I was lucky enough to stay in the dharma yoga center in NYC for a while, doing karma yoga, practicing and I completed all of their teacher training.

I am a 700-hour certified dharma yoga teacher, with a background in callisthenics, surf and boxing. Yoga is medicine and it is a path to true freedom and happiness.

I’m teaching at at the moment and it will be a pleasure to practice with you. Thanks for reading and I wish peace for you.

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