About Sorcha

Sorcha’s classes are dynamic and playful, finding meditation and focus within a strong and intense practice. You will learn new variations, push your limits and enjoy falling over along the way. Sorcha is highly skilled in Handbalance as well as Ekapadasirsasana variations. She has been teaching yoga for over ten years.

With a grounding in Hot Yoga and Bikram Hot Yoga, it was in Mysore, India where Sorcha dramatically furthered her yoga training with Saraswathi Jois at Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Centre KPJAYI. Falling in love with this intense meditation and asana practice, on her return to the UK, she continued at Ashtanga Yoga London. This strong discipline opened the way for her to immerse herself in other styles of yoga. Most notably Dharma Yoga, which she started practicing with Emi Tull in 2015 and has not stopped since. Sorcha completed her 500 hour Teacher Training with Dharma Yoga New York in 2018. She is also trained in Rocket 1 and 2, having completed the Advanced teacher training in Rocket with David Kyle in Barcelona.

Most recently Sorcha has included Handbalance into her training, a strong circus practice with much crossover with dynamic yoga styles.

To Sorcha, Yoga is fulfilling, nurturing, and transformational. She revels in its focus on alignment, the connection between breath and movement, its power to lift and heal, and its inevitable consequential positive influence on everyday life.

Sorcha has a passion to pass on what she has gained from such a supportive and inclusive discipline while continuing to learn and grow in her own practice and teaching.

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