Sri Dharma Mittra

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Sri Dharma Mittra

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Sri Dharma Mittra

Sri Dharma Mittra, born in 1939 in Brazil, discovered yoga at the age of 13. His first encounter with yoga was through photos of yogis performing various poses in books. Fascinated by these images and sensing an inner calling, he began practicing yoga diligently, even in the absence of formal instruction. This early connection with yoga set the foundation for his lifelong journey into the depths of yogic philosophy and practice.

In 1964, at the age of 25, Sri Dharma Mittra travelled to New York City, where he encountered his guru, Swami Kailashananda (Yogi Gupta). Under the guidance of Yogi Gupta, Sri Dharma delved deeper into the spiritual aspects of yoga, studying not only the physical postures but also pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and the philosophical underpinnings of yoga.

Sri Dharma Mittra

With the Ethical Rules and a little concentration, anything is possible.

Sri Dharma Mittra

Sri Dharma Mittra’s dedication and passion for yoga led him to establish the Dharma Yoga Center in New York City in 1975, where he began teaching yoga to students from all walks of life. The center became a hub for spiritual seekers and yoga enthusiasts, drawn to Sri Dharma’s authentic and transformative approach to yoga.


Sri Dharma Mittra’s teaching style is rooted in the classical tradition of yoga, emphasizing the practice of asanas (postures) as a means of purifying the body and preparing the mind for meditation. His classes are known for their intensity, precision, and emphasis on alignment, as well as for his ability to guide students towards deeper states of awareness and self-realization.
Over the years, Sri Dharma Mittra has developed his own unique style of yoga, known as Dharma Yoga, which integrates elements from various yoga traditions, including Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, and Karma yoga. Dharma Yoga is characterized by its dynamic sequencing, challenging asana practice, and emphasis on spiritual development and self-discovery.

When you are quiet, you see everything with love.

Sri Dharma Mittra

Sri Dharma Mittra created the “Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures” at the age of 54 in 1993. This remarkable visual compilation was the culmination of years of dedicated practice, study, and mastery of yoga postures. With meticulous attention to detail, Sri Dharma Mittra meticulously documented a vast array of yoga postures, including variations and modifications, to create this comprehensive reference tool for yoga practitioners worldwide. The chart serves as a testament to Sri Dharma Mittra’s deep understanding of yoga asanas and his commitment to sharing his knowledge and wisdom with others on their yogic journey.
Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures
In addition to teaching regular classes at the Dharma Yoga Center, Sri Dharma Mittra travels extensively, offering workshops, retreats, and teacher training programs worldwide. He is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities on yoga, known for his mastery of advanced yoga poses, his profound understanding of yoga philosophy, and his compassionate and humble demeanor.

Sri Dharma Mittra is also an accomplished author and has published several books on yoga, including “Asanas: 608 Yoga Poses”. He has also produced numerous instructional videos and DVDs, making his teachings accessible to students around the world.

Sri Dharma playing harmonium.
Sri Dharma demonstrating Forearm Balance.

I am only here to share my knowledge with others and to help them make rapid progress on the path of yoga.

Sri Dharma Mittra

Throughout his life, Sri Dharma Mittra has remained dedicated to the path of yoga, inspiring countless individuals to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and transformation. His legacy continues to resonate deeply within the global yoga community, reminding us of the profound power of yoga to awaken the body, mind, and spirit.

For further details, we encourage you to explore the extensive collection available at the Dharma Yoga Center Website.

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